While The Cord Carpenter Band calls Austin home, it’s not where we all started. Everybody in the band has their own unique background and offers something different to the band as a whole. Maybe that’s why we work so well together, sum of the parts and all.

Cord Carpenter giving his Stratocaster a workout on stage

Cord Carpenter

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Raised in Houston, Cord is the youngest of four, with three older sisters. He learned to play guitar at about 15 and eventually started writing music a few years later. He spent numerous nights listening to records and focusing on writing songs. Then he started to compose music around lyrical ideas and everything took off from there. Shortly after, when he was in college in Seguin, Texas, he began his music career. With a wide range of influences from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Led Zeppelin and Old School Country including Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Hank Sr., his inspirational roots run far and deep.

“I still work on my craft every day and some days song come out flowing honestly and some songs you have to work at and revisit or even scratch. I find the stronger songs are the ones that just pour out, even when sometimes I’m not sure 100% where it came from.”

Tommy Munter and his bass guitar on stage

Tommy Munter

Bass Guitar, Drums

Tommy grew up in a small town on the Texas-Mexico border and played in the Rio Grande River as a child. Growing up, his father was a musician and his father’s bands always had rehearsals at their house. So Tommy had all the amps/drums and instruments available to him since birth…and obviously took advantage. Tommy loves all kinds of music—Blues, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Reggae, El Chicano and everything in between.